New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Hobie H Crate and Mirage Drive

1 Aug , 2017   Video

Hobie has made some changes to the Mirage drive, including a new cord-pull switch to reverse. They’ve also updated the H-Crate, and Hobie’s own Kevin Nakada took some time at Icast 2017 in Orlando to introduce us to these new versions of these products. This Inventive Fishing New Product Introduction is for informational purposes only. […]

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Gear Review: “Paco” Series Kayak Fishing Rods by Lamiglas

6 May , 2017   Video

Lamiglas, producers of high-caliber fishing rods, has partnered with legendary rod designer and avid kayak angler Paul Paco Ernandez to introduce the “Paco” Kayak Series of rods. These rods feature great tip action, allowing excellent casting control and a really strong backbone. This Video Gear Review takes a look at this unique, pro-grade kayak rod. FISH […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Smart Lanyards

9 Mar , 2017  

Custom rod builder and designer Paul Paco Ernandez has introduced a new line of lanyards designed for use in saltwater environments, making them ideal for kayak fishing, surf casting, and boating. Called Smart Lanyards, these lanyards are constructed with stainless steel hardware and marine grade bungees. Smart Lanyards are available in two styles, the tool and […]

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Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Torpedo Bait Bucket

20 Oct , 2016   Video

Inventive Fishing has been using the Torpedo Bait Bucket for kayak fishing over the last few months, and in this video, we take a look at the pros and cons of using the tow-behind bait bucket.  Be sure to check out our other gear reviews and bucout for more resources and reviews.  

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Lamiglas “Paco” Kayak Series Rods

14 Oct , 2016  

Lamiglas has introduced a new series of rods designed for kayak anglers. The “Paco” Kayak Series is made up of six models rods made of pure graphite or graphite/fiberglass composite constructions. Of these six, five are spinning models and one is a heavy-duty casting model. Designed by “Paco” Ernandez, these rods feature concentrated tip action […]

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Tournament News

Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam Part 2 Tournament Results

1 Sep , 2016  

Despite some of the roughest conditions since 2012, the Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Summer Slam Part 2 turned out to be an incredible event with some some epic fish weighed in. The tournaments recorded the biggest single fish ever weighed in since Extreme began in 2011. A 52.3lb wahoo caught by Carl Slagle from North Carolina. Adrenaline […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Raw Accessories USA Kayak bait Wells and Bait Shack

28 Aug , 2016   Video

Looking for a convenient way to carry live bait on your kayak or while you’re wading or surf casting? Raw Accessories USA introduced two new live bait systems for kayaks and the Bait Shack wading bait basket at icast 2016. JR Rushing was kind enough to introduce these new products to the saltwater Nation at […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Solo Skiff

28 Aug , 2016   Video

There’s no doubt that the microskiff revolution is in full swing. Offering affordable access to skinny waters, microskiffs have begun to fill a niche somewhere between the kayak/SUP angler’s needs and the small skiff market. While the industry has yet to set parameters as to what defines a microskiff versus a small skiff, there’s no […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Kaku Kayak’s New Wahoo

10 Aug , 2016   Video

Weighing in at only 74 pounds, Kaku Kayak’s new Wahoo kayak is a light-weight, but incredibly durable fishing kayak. Kevin Hawkins of Kaku Kayaks introduced Inventive Fishing to Kaku’s new Wahoo kayak at Icast 2016. This Inventive Fishing New Product Introduction is for informational purposes only. Inventive Fishing has not field-tested the product addressed here […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Jackson Kayak’s New Mayfly

9 Aug , 2016   Video

Jackson Kayaks has released a new kayak designed specifically for fly anglers. The new Mayfly is designed as a low profile boat to help anglers avoid line tangles when casting and stripping. Jackson Kayak’s Marketing Director Indiana James McBeath took the time at Icast 2016 to introduce the new Mayfly. This Inventive Fishing New Product […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Jim Sammons and Jackson Kayak’s Kraken 13.5

5 Aug , 2016   Video

Jim Sammons, host of World Fishing Network’s The Kayak Fishing Show, has partnered with Jackson Kayak to present the new Kraken 13.5 offshore fishing kayak. Sammons took some time from his busy schedule at Icast 2016 to introduce his new signature series yak. This Inventive Fishing New Product Introduction is for informational purposes only. Inventive Fishing […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Kāhuna SUP by Kaku

18 Jun , 2015  

KAKU Kayaks and SUPs has just introduced a new SUP that looks to be designed with anglers in mind. The new Kāhuna is being promoted as the most versatile paddlecraft on the market, and from what we’ve seen, it’s living up to the billing. The 2015 Kaku Kāhuna is roto molded for extreme durability and […]

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Extreme Kayak Fishing

Extreme Kayak Fishing’s Battle in the Bahamas 2015 Draws Fishermen from All Over the World

3 May , 2015  

Anglers from China, Canada, and all over the states came together to fish last week in the Extreme Kayak Fishing Battle in the Bahamas 2015. With live bait being hard to come by, the 60 anglers had to resort to old tactics from when Extreme Kayak Fishing first began…catching your own bait and using anything […]

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IFA Kayak Fishing Tour

Elliot Stevens Wins IFA Kayak Event at Punta Gorda, FL

12 Mar , 2015  

Elliot Stevens, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, measured a combined limit of 51.75 inches to win the first regular-season event for the Florida West Division of the IFA Kayak Fishing Tour presented by Hobie Fishing on March 8 at Punta Gorda, Florida. The angler took home $1,500 and a Power-Pole Micro Anchor for his first-place finish. […]

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Inshore Fishing Association (IFA)

IFA Kayak Fishing Tour Announces Paddle Board Contingency

7 Mar , 2015  

The Inshore Fishing Association (IFA) Kayak Fishing Tour presented by Hobie Fishing will offer a unique contingency program designed specifically for anglers fishing from a paddle board at 2015 events. In partnership with IFA sponsor Engel USA, any angler that competes in at least two regular-season events, as well as the tour championship, from a […]

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Sailfish Smack Down 2015–EXTREME!

20 Jan , 2015  

The 2015 Extreme Kayak Fishing Tournament Sailfish Smack Down took place this past weekend in Pompano Beach, Florida, and once again the tournament proved to be one of the best events for saltwater kayak anglers. This was the second year that kayak anglers headed offshore for an all sailfish tournament–the only kayak billfish tournament there […]

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Extreme Kayak Fishing, Tournament

Extreme Kayak Fishing Announces Two Events

9 Oct , 2014  

Extreme Kayak Fishing has announced dates for two of their 2015 tournaments. The 2015 Sailfish Smack Down–Extreme Kayak Fishing’s second billfish tournament–will be held on January 17 and 18, 2015 in Pomapno Beach, Florida. the first place winner will receive a $3,000 cash prize. Second place carries a $1,000 prize, and third place will be […]

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Kayak Fishing Classics, Redfish

Native Watercraft Pro Anglers Dominate Kayak Fishing Classics Mosquito Lagoon Classic

9 Sep , 2014  

The Kayak Fishing Classics tournament series wrapped up Saturday with the Mosquito Lagoon Classic. This final leg of the year-long tournament series before next month’s national invitational proved to be an incredibly competitive tournament. Pepi Vidal, who fishes for Native Watercraft took first place for largest total aggregate length of four redfish, including a monster […]

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Kayak Fishing Classics–Yankeetown Results

25 Aug , 2014  

Kayak Fishing Classics hosted the ninth tournament of its ten tournament series this weekend in Yankeetown, Florida. This leg of the tournament had anglers targeting both redfish and snook,  and while the summer heat made finding fish a bit difficult, competitors logged some really nice catches. The winners, pictured above, included first place: Eric Henson, […]

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Blackfin Tuna, Extreme Kayak Fishing, FL, Florida, kayak Fishing, King mackerel, Pompano Beach, Tournament

Extreme Kayak Fishing Summer Slam–Part I

23 Jun , 2014  

Whenever I see the word Extreme used as an adjective, I immediately equate whatever word it modifies with those douche bags in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle; you know, the Extreme Sports Punks.  Let’s face it: these days, everything is extreme: extreme sports, extreme video, extreme tech, extreme music, extreme tacos, extreme chips, […]

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