Fear Mongering “River Monsters” shows its Ignorance

Screen Capture from Animal Planet's River Monster pages. Check out the caption. Fail.

Screen Capture from Animal Planet’s River Monster pages. Check out the caption. Fail.

So, check out the screen capture taken today from the River Monsters web pages housed on the Animal Planet pages. We love the captions to this picture series called “Tarpon Pictures.” This one sums it up: “Jeremy Wade with a tarpon.” Guess again, Jeremy. The seven picture series (again, so you don’t forget, called “Tarpon Pictures”) contains pictures of Wade with a jack, Wade with a tiny juvenile snook, Wade with bandaged fingers for tarpon fishing (WTF?), Wade with a fly, Wade with a Spanish mackerel, and, finally, wade with a tarpon. All identified as Wade with tarpon. Fail.

But what caps off this incredible series of mislabeled images is the caption attached to image #6 of Wade with the mack: “FAST FACTS from this Episode: Tarpon have enormous bucket-like mouths which they use to swallow prey. They also have a concrete-like hard head which makes them deadly if they jump on you.” Seriously? C’mon Animal Planet! That’s just silly, and it’s unnecessary fear mongering. Credibility stock: way the hell down.

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