The Future of Saltwater Recreational Fishing



Tomorrow, June 25, your U.S. Senators will vote on a bill that is critical to the future of recreational fishing.

S. 1403, the Florida Fisheries Improvement Act, is the latest update to the Magnuson-Stevens Act – the nation’s primary marine fisheries law. While several provisions focus on the Southeast, this bill affects all saltwater fisheries. It addresses many of the needs of recreational fishermen and emphasizes using science to manage fisheries.

Whether you fish in saltwater or not, it’s important that all anglers stand united in support of laws and policies that affect recreational fishing access and fisheries conservation.

S. 1403 will help ensure our fisheries are available for our kids and grandkids to enjoy. Please take a moment to express your support today.

You can contact your senator through Keep America Fishing’s support page at


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