New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction:LidsLash


Deberry Baseball Contact LogoCheck out this great new eye-wear retainer designed to secure your glasses to your hat when you’re not wearing them. The LidsLash  uses “rare earth” magnets to safely secure your shades to virtually any hat brim. The quick release magnet also lets you access your glasses quickly, without struggling to find a release from the clip.

LidsLash eye wear retainer

LidsLash eye wear retainer

If you’re not a fan of a sunglasses leash, or if you’re in the habit of raising your glasses to your hat brim to hold them, you might want to try the LidsLash.  As you can see from the video embedded here, LidsLash is easy to use and is designed to protect your glasses. LidsLashes are rapidly gaining popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, sports fans, and others who spend time in the sun. because sunglasses can be such an important part of an angler’s gear, the LidsLash seems ideal for on-the-water use.  LidsLash’s new fishhook design makes this nifty gadget angler-stylish as well as practical.  Lidslash cost between $9.95 and $11.95 each and are available at

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