New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Vino Optics Oxy-Iso Color Correction Glasses

Color Blind Glasses by Vino Optics

8% of men and 0.5% of women of Northern European decent suffer from color blindness, the decreased ability to see color or to distinguish between differences in color. There is no cure for colorblindness.

Vino Optics’ new Oxy-Iso Color Correction Glasses are designed to correct red-green colorblindness. Because so much of saltwater fishing requires keen eyesight,  anglers who are colorblind can be at a disadvantage since it is harder for them to see into water, especially during times of day when light is at its lowest – dusk and dawn – prime time fishing.  To solve this issue, Vino Optics created red-green color-correcting glasses that allow those who are colorblind to see proper color. The glasses technology amplifies perception of oxygenation of blood under and outside of the skin, allowing color deficient better perception of color.

The glasses include UV protection, anti-fog, anti-scratch, made in the USA, lightweight, and are fully adjustable, comfort frames—perfect for the outdoors.

This Inventive Fishing New Product Introduction is for informational purposes only. Inventive Fishing has not field-tested the product addressed here and, thus, neither endorses nor criticizes the product. For critical reviews of specific products, please see Inventive Fishing’s Gear Reviews and Tech Reviews.



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