Shane Wilson and Fishing’s Future


Shane Wilson, Founder and Chairman of Fishing’s Future

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Congratulations to Shane Wilson, founder and chairman of the non-profit organization Fishing’s Future for another successful fishing event in South Padre Island, Texas. As Wilson explains: “I created an organization to put kids and parents back together. Our clinics run through 20 minute sessions that cover things like fishing regulations, basic knot tying, environmental education, casting and other fishing tools. We feed them and clean up trash, and then we go fishing.” During the recent SPI event, Wilson and clinic attendees cleaned up more than 500 pounds of trash from a local park. Trash pick participation is a requirement before anyone could fish.

Interested in learning more? Contact Shane Wilson at or (956) 238-9476. Or visit Fishing’s Future at

Also, be sure to check out Mike Leggett’s recent article about Fishing’s Future at 




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