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Product Introduction: Fiiish Crazy Sand Eel / Black Minnow

It’s not often that we see French tackle make its way into the US saltwater market, but the French company Fiiish (yes, a three-eyed fish) brought two new lures to ICAST this year: the Black Minnow and the Crazy Sand Eel.


Both of the lures are similar in design, featuring three size options for heads for the Crazy Sand Eel–Shore, Off Shore, and Deep–and four for the Black Minnow–Shallow, Shore, Off Shore, and Deep.

Likewise, each comes with a soft body, either in a sand eel design or a minnow design.



The Fiiish web pages are only available in French, and we confess to our lack of French Language skills, so we don’t have a lot of technical detail about these lures. However, as you can see from the images here, Both the Black Minnow and the Crazy Sand Eel have what appears to be a sleek, life-like design.

The Black Minnow comes in eleven body color options.


And the jig heads use a unique locking device to secure the body to the head. Fiiish1





This Inventive Fishing Product Introduction is for informational purposes only. Inventive Fishing has not field-tested the product addressed here and, thus, neither endorses nor criticizes the product. For critical reviews of specific products, please see Inventive Fishing’s Gear Reviews and Tech Reviews. 


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