Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Savage Gear’s TPE Soft Mud Minnow


The team at Savage Gear has done it again, releasing a top-notch new lure: the TPE Soft Mud Minnow. This soft-bodied top-water lure is made from a durable TPE material that stands up to even the most aggressive strikes. Its weedless design makes it ideal for working over and through structure and grass. And the […]

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New Product Introduction

Product Introduction: Fiiish Crazy Sand Eel / Black Minnow

It’s not often that we see French tackle make its way into the US saltwater market, but the French company Fiiish (yes, a three-eyed fish) brought two new lures to ICAST this year: the Black Minnow and the Crazy Sand Eel. Both of the lures are similar in design, featuring three size options for heads […]

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