Gear Reviews

Reviewed: Hyperlastic’s Dartspin


Hyperlastics, a Band of Anglers brand, produces one of the best new inshore lures around: the Dartspin, a soft-body and spinner bait hybrid. In this review, the Fishing Professor Sid Dobrin takes an in depth look at this innovative and effective lure designed by Patrick Sebile, one of the foremost lure designers working today. FISH […]

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Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Savage Gear’s TPE Soft Mud Minnow


The team at Savage Gear has done it again, releasing a top-notch new lure: the TPE Soft Mud Minnow. This soft-bodied top-water lure is made from a durable TPE material that stands up to even the most aggressive strikes. Its weedless design makes it ideal for working over and through structure and grass. And the […]

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New Product Introduction

Product Introduction: Fiiish Crazy Sand Eel / Black Minnow

It’s not often that we see French tackle make its way into the US saltwater market, but the French company Fiiish (yes, a three-eyed fish) brought two new lures to ICAST this year: the Black Minnow and the Crazy Sand Eel. Both of the lures are similar in design, featuring three size options for heads […]

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