New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: 3-Tand Stu Apte Signature Fly Reel



Stu Apte’s new Signature Series Fly Reel from 3-Tand

Legendary angler Stu Apte has probably given more to the development of saltwater fly fishing than any other angler. Now, in collaboration with 3-Tand engineers, Apte has released his new Signature Series saltwater fly fishing reel. Apte, along with 3-Tand’s Ron Pochailos took the time at ICAST 2016 to tell us about the new reel.

This Inventive Fishing New Product Introduction is for informational purposes only. Inventive Fishing has not field-tested the product addressed here and, thus, neither endorses nor criticizes the product. For critical reviews of specific products, please see Inventive Fishing’s Gear Reviews and Tech Reviews.


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