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Product Introduction: Penn Battle II Spinning Reels

The new Penn Battle II brings several upgrades to the popular Battle series

The new Penn Battle II brings several upgrades to the popular Battle series

There is no question that PENN sits atop the pantheon of the fishing reel world–and has since World War II. At ICAST this year, PENN once again proved why it is one of the–if not the–most respected rod and reel manufacturers in the world. PENN claimed the Best Saltwater Reel award in the New Product Showcase Awards this year with the new PENN Battle II series, and from the looks of this new series, the award is well-deserved.

PENN introduced the Battle series about four years ago, and it has rapidly become one of the most popular series of reels available. The new features and upgrades that PENN has added to the Battle platform are sure to make the Battle II an even more sought-after reel.

The Battle II reels come in sizes from 2000 to 80000, and PENN has added a 2500 size, as well.

Cameron Hughes, PENN Product Manager at Pure Fishing, accepts the ICAST Best Saltwater Reel Award at ICAST 2014

Cameron Hughes, PENN Product Manager at Pure Fishing (right), accepts the ICAST Best Saltwater Reel Award at ICAST 2014

The two primary upgrades PENN has added in the Battle II versions are enhanced corrosion resistance through the use of five sealed bearings and one anti-reverse bearing and an enhanced drag system. The new sealed bearing prevent saltwater from corroding the 5 + 1 bearings that the Battle II system uses.

The Battle II reels now include PENN’s HT-100 Versa-Drag carbon fiber washers which are locked into the spool so that both sides of the drag washers are used. The Versa-Drag provides a greater range of drag, a higher maximum drag, and also a smooth drag start than most reels. This drag system also improves the drag use by 15-50 percent.

The Battle II uses Superline Spools which include line capacity rings to help anglers properly fill spools with line. This better fill-management is designed to contribute to improved castability by not over- or under-filling the spool.

The reel boasts a full metal body, side plate, and rotor. The bail wire is constructed from a heavy-duty aluminium. The reel also uses an instant anti-reverse bearing.

PENN’s web pages list the Battle II as retailing for between $99.95 and $129.95 depending upon the size.

The Word at ICAST was that the Battle IIs would be available this month, but the PENN web pages list them as available 03/01/2015.

For more information visit the PENN Battle II pages at,default,pd.html#start=1

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