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Product Introduction: Poseidon Fishing Custom Rods




One of the great things about saltwater sportfishing is that the industry encourages great innovation and competition. For those of us who take fishing as more than a hoby, but as a lifestyle or a profession, innovation in gear can be the lifeblood of the industry. No where is this perhaps more true than within the rod division of the industry. Yes, there are a lot of phenomenal rod builders out there, making both mass produced rods and custom rods. For those with an eye toward the technical or professional aspect of rods, custom is generally the preferred approach, but can often be cost prohibitive.

Yes, there are a lot of custom rod builders out there making some amazing rods, and some have even taken the craft to the level of technical art. That seems to be the case with Poseidon Fishing out of West Palm Beach, Florida.

While we haven’t yet had the opportunity to fish with any of Poseidon’s rods, we have had the chance to look them over at a trade show. So, while we can’t recommend them based on one of full Gear reviews yet, we can offer a few thoughts about these rods.

First, Poseidon offers not only rods, but reels, tackle, line, gaffs, nets, and so on. But, it’s their custom-built rods that we’ve been alert to.a6e3eff8af67b55525b520c91cee8949

Poseidon builds inshore and offshore rods, and uses Phenix blanks for maximum reliability.




One of the more impressive designs that Poseidon produces is a spiral guide tuna rod that winds the guides around the blank rather than lining them along one side of the blank. This spiral design maximizes the rod strength by distributing the fight weight throughout the rod.

Poseidon Fishing's Spiral Guide Tuna Rod

Poseidon Fishing’s Spiral Guide Tuna Rod









But, it’s the art of their wrapping that makes these rods so desirable. Their abalone wraps, weave wraps, and custom wraps, are spectacular. Take a look, for instance, at the redfish and the grouper wraps pictured here.

Poseidon Fishing's Redfish Split Grip

Poseidon Fishing’s Redfish Split Grip

Poseidon Fishing's Grouper Skin Wrap

Poseidon Fishing’s Grouper Skin Wrap

Poseidon will custom wrap just about anything you want: sports teams, monograms, fish patterns, and so on. And these are high-quality wraps. Just take a look at the gorgeous detail in their abalone wrap style.

Poseidon Fishing's Abalone Wrap

Poseidon Fishing’s Abalone Wrap

Of course, some might consider having a set of matching rods with these wraps to be a bit decadent, but let’s face it, it’s not decadent to have top-notch gear, especially when it looks as good as it works.

Be sure to check pout all of Poseidon’s tackle and custom rods at

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  1. Adam rust says:

    When will you have the savage squid in stock?

  2. Sid says:

    This is a review; we do not sell gear.

  3. Karl Baumle says:

    I would like to know the recommended test line for my pro Posieidon PS257 S spinning rod.

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