New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: LiveTarget Fleeing Shrimp


LiveTarget has delivered some incredibly life-like artificial shrimp in recent years. This year at ICAST 2018 in Orlando, Florida, they added to their shrimp offerings by introducing the Fleeing Shrimp a soft body, shrimp imitator that is rigged from the tail to mimic a fleeing shrimp on the retrieve. The lure took top honors at the show winning Best of Show in the Saltwater Soft Lure category. Florida Adventure Quest host Jason South took some time to introduce us to this dynamic new lure from LiveTarget. Check out the video.

This Inventive Fishing New Product Introduction is for informational purposes only. Inventive Fishing has not field-tested the product addressed here and, thus, neither endorses nor criticizes the product. For critical reviews of specific products, please see Inventive Fishing’s Gear Reviews and Tech Reviews.


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