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Product Introduction: Shimano Surf System


Shimano surf specialist Ray Leyva introduces the new Shimano Surf System at ICAST 2014

Shimano surf specialist Ray Leyva introduces the new Shimano Surf System at ICAST 2014

Shimano North America introduced several new products at this year’s ICAST in Orlando, Florida, including a first look at Shimano’s new Surf System. Ray Leyva, Surf Specialist for Shimano, introduced the surf system to the media in attendance and them met with Inventive Fishing to give us a closer look at the surf system.

Leyva showed us the new surf system comprised of Shimano’s new Tiralejo spinning rod and Shimano’s Long Cast spinning reels. The new line up of long-cast reels includes the Aero Technium 10000 XS, the Ultegra 5500 CI4+ XSB, and the Ultegra XS-C offered in both 5500 and 10000 size models.

Shimano's Ultegra XS-C

Shimano’s Ultegra XS-C

The new reels all feature large diameter long stroke spools, which allow them to retrieve up to 41-inches of line per crank. The new reels also include Shimano’s new SuperSlow Oscillation feature, which give anglers increased casting distances and power on the retrieve and fight.

Shimano's Aero Technium 10000

Shimano’s Aero Technium 10000

Shimano’s Aero Technium 10000 XS features X-Ship gearing, which contributes to smoothness and efficiency. Likewise, the reel incorporates the Aero Wrap II oscillation system and Shimano’s Instant Drag so the reel can quickly be switched from free spool to an engaged “fight” setting. The reel also uses a CF Gear (cold-forged) technology. The Aero Technium uses Shimano’s SuperSlow 10 oscillation for exceptional castability, With a 4.3:1 gear ratio, the Aero Technium 10000XS has the spool capacity to handle up to 360 yards of 50-pound test PowerPro braid. The lightweight, compact body design weighs in at 15.9-ounces. This is a substantial weight difference created by the use of CI4+ material for the frame (used in the Ultegra CI4+ 5500 XSB, as well) that makes it easier to generate extra rod speed for long casting performance. Shimano’s SuperSlow 5 oscillation line lay increases casting distance, plus the reel also features CF Gear technology and X-Ship.

Shimano's Utregra CI4+ 5500 XSB

Shimano’s Utregra CI4+ 5500 XSB

The Utregra CI4+ 5500 XSB includes an AR-C spool fitted with Instant Drag for quick adjustments. it can handle from 360 yards of 30-pound test up to 220 yards of 50-pound. It has a 5.3:1 gear ratio. Like the Aero Technium, the Ultegra C14+ uses the SuperSlow 5 oscillation and X-Ship gearing for increased smoothness and long-distance casting. The 5500 size Ultregra has a 5.3:1 ratio and handles up to 220 yards of 50-pound PowerPro. It retails for $189.99. The 10000 size has a 4.3:1 gear ratio, spool capacity for up to 280 yards of 65-pound test.

The Long Cast reels are paired with the new Tiralejo “Long Cast Concept” surf rods, which are available in lengths ranging from 9’6” to 12’. The Tiralejo rods feature Shimano’s next generation C4S-HM blank construction that uses high modulus carbon in a four layer process, along with slit carbon tape–both an inner and outer wrap of carbon tape is layered over two layers of carbon pre-preg. The rods are designed for maximum pulling power and rod strength without sacrificing sensitivity. The C4S-HM construction also contributes to casting performance by eliminating any blank twist when casting heavy lures.

Shimano's Tiralejo, TRS106MA

Shimano’s Tiralejo, TRS106MA

Each Tiralejo rod features Fuji K Frame tangle-free guides and a Fuji reel seat. Rods include the medium power 9’6” TRS96MA and 10’6” TRS106MA, the 11’ heavy power TRS110HA, and the medium-heavy power 12’ TRS120MHA.

Shimano Tiralejo's Fuji tip guide

Shimano Tiralejo’s Fuji tip guide

Shimano Tiralejo uses Fuji guides

Shimano Tiralejo uses Fuji guides






Here’s a short introduction from Ray Leyva and


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