New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Savage Gear Squish Erratic Fall Jigs

Savage Gear's New Squish Sardine

Savage Gear’s New Squish Sardine

Vertical jigging for pelagic and bottom dwelling gamefish has been around for a while now and anglers are aware of how effective these baits can be. The only downfall to most knife-style jigs is how quickly they can move through the strike zone before a fish can react. The Savage Gear Squish is a center balanced jig that moves erratically sideways through the water column to keep the bait in a fish’s strike zone longer.

19097641781_03e8180cb8_kThe Squish is made with high-quality components including ultra-strong saltwater hooks and 250-lb. rated line on the stinger hooks with heat shrink tubing for protecting the connections. The unique jig design also incorporates a different look to fish with a squid pattern on one side of the lure, and a baitfish pattern on the other.


18908213759_b598720db1_kComplimenting the Squish is the Slim Squish version which has a slimmer profile that adds to erratic sideways flutter. The squish is available in four sizes and six extremely high-quality finishes, while the Slim Squish is available in two sizes and the same finishes.  MSRP ranges from $9.99-12.99 per bait.



Check out Savage Gear’s Product Manager Mads Grosell introducing the Squish lures:

Visit to learn more about Savage Gear’s New Squish Jigs.

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