New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Z-Man BTB SkimmerZ Jig

Z-Man has modernized the traditional skimmer-style bucktail coveted by flats anglers with this streamlined, flat-head shaped jig. Constructed with a super-sharp, 3/0 black nickel needlepoint hook and hand-tied, double-strand monofilament weedguard, they deliver a slow sink rate and snagfree fishing in skinny water.   The patented, cap-wrap silicone skirt provides more lifelike action and vibrant […]

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New Product Introduction

New Product Introduction: Savage Gear Squish Erratic Fall Jigs

Vertical jigging for pelagic and bottom dwelling gamefish has been around for a while now and anglers are aware of how effective these baits can be. The only downfall to most knife-style jigs is how quickly they can move through the strike zone before a fish can react. The Savage Gear Squish is a center […]

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New Hampshire House Votes to Ban Lead Sinkers and Jigs

The New Hampshire House voted today 225-142 to pass New Hampshire Senate Bill 89.  This Bill, if signed by the Governor, will ban the sales of lead fishing weights and jig heads of one ounce or less. According to the Bill, lead sinkers refers to any kind of sinker made from lead that weighs one […]

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